2017 De Beers Ice Carving Competition


Join us down at the Long John Jamboree site on Yellowknife Bay for another year of spectacular international creations out of ice. Carvers from around the world will start working on their blocks on Thursday, March 23 and continue carving until Saturday, March 25. Judging will take place at 3pm on Saturday, March 25. Be sure to come back to the jamboree site Saturday evening to see the finished carving lit up.


2017 Carvers

Christian Denis
Ricthie Velthuis

Edmonton, AB

Peter Fogarty
Doug Lingelbach

Saskatoon, SK
"No Chance"

Chad Hartson
Napoleon, Ohio
Edwin Hutchinson

Piedmont, South Carolina
"Ancestral Descent"

Stephan Koch -Daleville, Indiana
Mark Chapin - Fairbanks, Alaska
"Survival: Furry Flurry"

Larry MacFarlane - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Manoj Khorughdharry -Ottawa, Ontario


Joel Maillet
J D Hollingshead

Yellowknife, NWT
"Lens on Geodesic Dome"

Eli Nasogaluak - Yellowknife, NWT
Desmond Nasogaluak - Tuktoyaktuk, NWT

"Hunter or Hunted"

Mowafak Nema
Kenny Hayden

Ottawa, Ontario

Peter Slavin - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Chris Swarbrick - Hudson, Wisconsin

"Lake Song"

Derrald Taylor - Yellowknife, NWT
Bill Nasogaluak - Toronto, Ontario

"The Enchantress"


Ice Carving Applications - Closed

We are now accepting applications for the 2017 Inspired Ice Carving Competition, taking place in Yellowknife, NT, Canada from March 23-25, 2017.  Please contact Keith MacNeill at icecarving@longjohnjamboree.ca for more information.  Click on the below links.